More than 100 years ago, the Women’s Institute of Brampton brought forward a proposal that was to change the course of Brampton, the region of Peel, and beyond. The notion of Peel Memorial was born.
On February 2, 1925, Peel Memorial became Peel and Brampton’s first hospital. Now, you can own a piece of Peel’s Memorial’s 82-year history while contributing to the future of health care in our community. The Friends of Peel Memorial’s new Buy-a-Brick fundraising campaign offers community supporters a unique opportunity to own a brick from the original hospital. Funds raised will be used to help equip Peel Memorial.

When the doors to the new hospital opened in early 2017, the community gained expanded access to urgent care, dialysis, hi-tech diagnostic services, day surgery, senior’s programs and much more. The care patients receive will be in the surgical suites and clinics that you helped build.

The reopening of Peel Memorial is nothing short of a historic moment – one we simply would not have reached without the support of our community and we could not be more thankful!